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What Might Cause a Well to Run Dry in Phoenix AZ?

A common hurdle that the early settlers have and current residential water well owners currently struggle with is the potential of a well running dry. Whether it’s due to having a shallow well that has depleted its well water supply; or the well is damaged beyond repair, without question it’s a problem that most homeowners would rather never experience. Many of the professionals that offer residential water well services in Arizona work aggressively with their customers to inspect their water system before drilling to ensure the potential of a dried up well is something they’ll never have to experience.

Noted below are a few of the common issues of what might cause a well to run dry in Phoenix AZ.

First – The Well was Drilled Too Shallow Initially

When it comes to well water, you can only take what you can reach. For several years, the technology was not readily available to efficiently measure the true depth of the water well; leading to several water well contractors to simply miss the spot when it comes to drilling the well. Today, advanced engineering and GPS location technology help professional water well companies in Phoenix to reduce this simple mistake to recommend the correct depth of the initial water well drilling process.

Second – The Well System has Broken Down; but Water Still Remains

Along with drilling too short comes the common issue of using less than quality-built equipment to draw the water out of the well. In fact, in the quest of determining what might cause a well to run dry in Phoenix AZ, the leading issue is broken down well infrastructure. Quite often if a water well needs repair, it’s because of a poorly installed system that has broken down because the contractor may have wanted to save a few dollars and used inferior parts in the construction of the well. This is the desert; and these type of mistakes simply can’t happen when an experienced water well professional designs, measures, drills and installs all components that operate the well water.

Third – The Water Supply isn’t Being Replenished

Although many people understand this fact, the reality is that several people don’t realize that underground wells are constantly being replenished through natural sources. However, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, the well is drilled in a location that may be obstructed from natural replenishment, like thick layers of bedrock or limestone that can restrict the flow of water underground. It’s important to work with an experienced well water construction company that knows how to locate the right water well sources that will constantly receive a fresh water supply that keeps your well full as often as possible.

Fourth – The Underground Rock has Deteriorated

A well by definition is an underground body of water that is surrounded by barriers that contain the water. The underground rock that keeps water inside an underground well is a critical component of the entire well system. Quite often, a depleted well water supply is caused by underground rock that has deteriorated over time; causing the water to leak or escape. Although this if very difficult to predict, most experienced contractors that have worked in the area for several years know what to look for to avoid this when you’re considering drilling a well in Phoenix.


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