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Expert Water Well Pump System Services Since 2001

Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc. has been providing professional residential water well pump system repair and new installations in Arizona since 2001. During this time, we’ve solved most of the water well pump issues that homeowners might experience.

If you are experiencing any of the above common residential water well pump issues, don’t hesitate – contact the team at Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc., today – (623) 582-5069.

*View a complete list of water well & pump services below.

arizona water well and pump services


"I highly recommend working with Pump It Up. Their office is responsive, willing to answer all questions and explain everything. We have been experiencing issues with our shared well and I am always contacting for help and advice. Marlo, Jorge and Matt have been my saviors! If their managers see this they deserve a high raise/bonus for their customer service. Thank you!"

Emily D.

"Water system failed, called and had it back up and running in less than 4 hours. Great customer service and very professional. Thank you."

Freddie H.

"If you think over the top customer service, quality workmanship, honesty and value went away in the late 70's like I did. These guys will show you different. I rarely write reviews like so many others however these guy absolutely deserve it. I highly recommend Pump it Up and will most definitely use them again. My sincere thanks to Marlo, Josh and Ricky for a great experience. You guys are awesome."

Michael A.

"Our well pump broke and we were without water. Of 7 companies I called, Pump It Up was the only one prepared to help us in a timely manner. Also they were recommended by another Pump company who couldn’t help us. Their 2 technicians, Jorge & Ricky, were here until nearly 8pm, working to ensure we had water. They were cheerful, helpful, and professional. We highly recommend Pump It Up!"

Sue P.

"Very impressed with Pump It Up Pump Service, Inc. They were professional and very quick to respond. Can not say enough about Marlo and Jade... they were awesome to work with. We are recommending them to everyone our Realtor and Builder... Thank you for everything!"

Andrea K.
pump it up pump service, inc

Residential Water Well Pump Service

There is nothing more frustrating than turning on a faucet only to find out that you’re out of water. Most of the time, this problem is caused by a water well pump that is either lacking power or simply doesn’t work and needs to be serviced, repaired or replaced. There is a chance the pump itself is not the problem, but an interior condition inside the well where the pumping equipment is kept and works to supply water to the home. Regardless of the cause – we have the solutions.
Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc. has established a solid reputation as being a leading provider of residential water well pump services in the State of Arizona. With a service area that extends valley-wide our company has the capacity, experience and expertise to solve virtually any problem that a residential water well pump owner may be experiencing.
Whether you require a water well service, repair replacement or installation our team has extensive expertise in designing new systems for installation along with servicing and repairing all makes, models and types of pumps and water wells. Regardless of the challenge you are facing, we’ll customize a solution that exceeds your expectations

Our Residental Well Services

Well Inspections

Trust our well inspection service to thoroughly evaluate your well system’s health. With extensive experience since 2001, our experts provide a detailed inspection, ensuring your well operates efficiently and safely.

Water Well Testing

Ensure your water’s purity and your system’s efficiency with our water well testing services. Our experts conduct extensive tests for contaminants and provide you with a detailed report, offering a clear understanding of your water quality.

Well Monitoring Services

Enjoy peace of mind with our well monitoring services, utilizing Cloud Analytics Modernization for 24/7 insights into your well’s performance. From real-time water levels and flow rates to pump monitoring, our comprehensive packages ensure your well operates smoothly, alerting you at the first sign of trouble.

Well Maintenance Program

Keep your well in top condition with our well maintenance program. From annual inspections to preventative maintenance, our comprehensive service ensures your well delivers safe and reliable water year-round.

Aquifer Test Pumping

Our methodical aquifer test pumping process, from initial consultation to detailed reporting, ensures your aquifer meets your water needs efficiently. Trust our experts to provide valuable insights into your well’s performance and the aquifer’s characteristics.

Well Development

Our well development service focuses on optimizing your well’s performance and water quality through comprehensive techniques, including aquifer testing, physical cleaning, and performance testing. Expect a well that delivers according to our high standards.

Well Rehab & Repair

Whether your well needs rehabilitation or repair, our team is equipped to restore its function. From mechanical cleaning to pump repairs, we use the latest techniques to ensure your well’s optimal performance.

Well Abandonment Services

Our well abandonment services are designed to be safe, compliant, and environmentally conscious. From assessment to professional execution, we ensure your well is abandoned following all regulatory standards, securing groundwater resources.

Pump Repair

Is your well pump causing headaches? Our expert residential well pump repair service resolves issues such as low water pressure, erratic cycling, and pump failures, guaranteeing a dependable and consistent water supply for your home.

Pump Installations

Whether you need to replace a malfunctioning pump or upgrade your water well system, our pump installation service delivers professional expertise. Count on us for efficient pump placement and setup, optimizing water flow to meet your property’s needs.

Water Storage Tank Installation and Repair

Whether it’s a new installation or repairing your existing tank, our water storage tank services ensure your water storage solutions are efficient and reliable. We specialize in both above-ground and underground tank installations and repairs, tailored to your specific well system.

Machine Shop Services

Our in-house machine shop allows us to quickly perform maintenance, repairs, and custom enhancements for your residential well. Whether it’s restoring equipment to optimal condition, fabricating specialized components, or enhancing your well’s performance, we ensure swift and precise service to minimize any disruption to your water supply.

Agricultural Water Systems

Tailored for residential farmers, our agricultural water systems service covers everything from permitting and planning to high-quality well development and maintenance. We ensure your agricultural water system is efficient, compliant, and ready to meet your farming needs.

Exceeding the expectations of our customers is our objective at up Pump Service, Inc. We have the experience and passion to customize a residential water well pump solution made to solve any issue you are experiencing.

When you require Arizona residential water pump services in and around Phoenix or throughout the State of Arizona you can depend on the team at Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc. to get the job done right. Call (623) 582-5069 Today!


pump it up pump service, inc


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