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Well Water Chlorination in Phoenix [Pros & Cons]

It’s often assumed that fresh water direct from a spring well is as fresh and good as it gets. However, over time, well water is subject to tiny microbes and bacteria that can negatively impact the taste and usefulness of the water; especially in residential applications. It’s for this purpose and many more that most homeowners that utilize wells seek help on having well water chlorination specialists in Phoenix completed by professionals that have provided this service for years in the Valley of the Sun.

Well water chlorination is not a perfect science or option for every residential well owner. In fact, there are many pros and cons about having the well water treated with chlorine that homeowners must weigh before making the decision to have this type of system installed on their property. Below we’ve listed a few of the most common positive benefits and some items of concern that you should consider before making the investment in well water chlorination in Phoenix and surrounding communities.

PRO – Well Water Chlorination Helps to Fight Bacteria

Believe it or not, not all bacteria are harmful for humans. In fact, quite often medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies use bacteria-type ingredients in some of the most common treatments for many medical conditions. However, the bacteria that grows within stagnate water found in an underground or above ground natural spring is not among this group. The chlorination process that professional well water specialists utilize is carefully calculated to insert the right type of chlorines at precise amounts to kill harmful bacteria that can otherwise cause you, your family or even pets or livestock to get sick.

PRO – It Makes Water Safe to Use Across Your Entire Property

Several water well systems are potable; while others are not treated for drinking or other consumption. However, by installing an all-inclusive well water chlorination system, you can ensure your entire property water supply is safe to use. The chlorination process is always customized for each type or layout of water well system that the customer has; giving the water well installation companies flexibility to create a solution that simply makes sense for each homeowner.

CON – Water Needs to be Filtered Before Drinking

A drawback of the well water chlorination process is that water that is intended for human consumption needs to be filtered before use. However, since most residential properties already have a filtration system installed near their storage tanks, home appliances and many kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures; there it usually no extra expense involved. It is always recommended to work with an experienced water well service company to customize the best filtration package for your individual needs.

CON – Chlorinated Water Can Cause Dry Skin and Brittle Hair

Although not as concentrated as swimming pool water, a chlorinated well water system may in some cases cause dry skin and thinning hair. This is not a positive attribute that many homeowners desire in their drinking and bathroom water supply. However, like the issue addressed above, this is easily solved with a good filtration system installed either prior or after the water enters a storage tank. Many homeowners that are looking for exceptional water quality install multiple filtration system which improves the quality of drinking water from a well.

CON – It Can Damage Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

Chlorine is not a friend of rubber or metals. Since most major appliances and plumbing fixtures have seals or components made out of these two materials, it is possible that unfiltered water that has been chlorinated to kill well water bacteria may reduce the lifespan of these appliances. As we’ve indicated above, when you decide on chlorinating a well in Phoenix, simply staying on top of filtration can reduce the potential of any of these negative side-effects.

When you weigh the positives against the negatives, it’s easy to see that with a good filtration system installed on your property, well water chlorination in Phoenix is well worth the initial expense; which is more affordable than you’d think.


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