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Why Is My Water Well Pump Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Has your water pump stopped working? Have you lost access to your drinking water?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 13 million households get their drinking water from private wells. Those wells also supply water for other uses, none of which anyone wants to go without for long.

When your water runs out, chances are likely the problem becomes your highest priority and you want it fixed ASAP. Finding the root cause of the problem prior to changing out the wrong parts will save both time and money.

Problems with your water well pump can be difficult to troubleshoot without the help of a water well technician. They can get the problem diagnosed and repaired or replaced. 

Below are some of the more common reasons your circuit breaker is getting tripped.

Short Circuit in Wiring

Your well runs on 240 volts of electricity. If it is losing power intermittently due to a short circuit in your wiring, it can cause your breaker to trip. The professional doing your well repair will be able to diagnose where the short is occurring and fix it.

Circuit Breaker

If more amps are running through your wires than the system was set up for, it will cause the wires to overheat and trip your circuit breaker. In order to determine whether or not the problem lies in your circuit breaker, you will need to get a professional to read the amperage your system is using while it is running. 

Well Pump Motor

If your pump continues to trip your circuit breaker immediately after each time you flip it on, it is likely there is something wrong with the pump’s motor. However, the problem may be the wiring leading to the pump itself. A professional will be able to tell you if it is the wiring or if you need a new motor.  

Pressure Switch

Bad contacts or burnt contacts on your pressure switch can be the problem. Contacts can become degraded due to frequent cycling or get corroded. If the contacts aren’t working right or at all, it can cause a pressure relay problem that can make your system overdraw amperage that can trip your breaker. 

Rodent/Pest Problem

Rodents and other pests can cause a host of problems with your well. Some cause malfunctions within your water pump system. Others can compromise the safety of your drinking water.

Rodents can chew through wiring above and belowground causing a break in the electrical current feeding your water pump. It is can also be possible that insects have created a nest in your pump. 

Get Help Identifying Your Water Well Pump Problem

The above are some of the more common issues that can arise with your water well pump. Other issues may be to blame. That’s why problems are best diagnosed during an on-site inspection. 

If you’re struggling because your well pump seems to be tripping your circuit breaker, let us help you get your well working properly again. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team of experts who have been helping Arizona residents since 1946! 

Our team of experts has been helping Arizona residents ensure they have reliable and safe well water since 1946! Give our team a call today at (623) 582-5069 or request service online.

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