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How Often Should Homeowner’s Schedule Well Water Maintenance?

If you’re living on a property with well water, you need to give it the proper maintenance or you run the risk of getting sick.

When you live in a house with a well, you’ve got a different set of responsibilities to look after.

As with city water, your well will most likely work most of the time, but there are going to be occasions when something tastes or looks a little off or the water just doesn’t turn on.

That’s when you have to call in the professionals.

You may feel like you can handle this problem on your own if you’re trying to cut costs or be self-sufficient, but don’t work on your water well if you’re not positive of how to fix it.

Furthermore, regular maintenance will be the key to avoiding those well water headaches.

Let’s talk about how often you should schedule private well maintenance.

Why Can’t You Do This Yourself?

Contrary to popular belief, when you move into a house with a water well, you don’t get an instruction booklet on how to maintain it and repair it when weird things happen.

This makes the headache a lot worse when something does go wrong. There’s only so much you can find out with a Google search.

When you take a well cap off on your own, you run the risk of bacteria getting in and contaminating your water.

You can mitigate these disasters by finding a trained professional that you like and trust. You’ll be seeing them regularly while you live in this place.

How Often Should Private Well Maintenance Be Performed?

An annual drop-in should be enough to properly maintain your water well.

Some sources will tell you that even every 2 or 3 years is enough, but to truly get peace of mind, you should ensure that everything is working properly every year.

In the end, it’s going to cost a lot less for yearly maintenance than to repair serious damage that’s occurred during the several-year gap between visits.

All that the professional is going to do is a flow test, a water level test, pump motor performance, pressure tank and switch contact, and water quality.

Once you’ve got the green light, you’re good to go for another year before your next checkup.

During that time, if you notice any of the things listed above acting up, then you should call your professional immediately to have it looked at.

As long as your well equipment is up to code and you’ve done a bacteria test on your water, everything should be good to go.

Don’t Risk Your Health

The real reason that you should allow a professional to perform regular private well maintenance is that you’d be risking your health and the health of your family if you don’t.

Ignoring the quality of your water and the function of your well can have devastating repercussions.

Visit us at Empire Pump to talk to a dedicated professional about well repair and water well testing.

While you’re there, check out our blog to read about how wells function and the importance of well maintenance in your home.


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