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Is Regular Well Water Pump Service in Phoenix Important?

well water pump service in PhoenixFor those that chose to live in the desert, constant access to clean and drinkable water is vital for continued life. However, one of the most frustrating and potentially dangerous situations occurs when residential water wells simply stops supplying fresh and clean water. Believe it or not, most problems with off-the-grid water supply systems can be avoided through routine and scheduled well water pump service in Phoenix.

Noted below are a few of the reasons why scheduling well water pump service as recommended by a professional residential well pump service company in Phoenix is vital; not only for your pocket-book, but also your health and well-being.

First – Routine Service Includes Testing your Water Pressure

One of the first indicators that a problem exists within a residential well is a significant reduction in water pressure. In most cases, water pressure will slowly reduce pressure when small obstructions begin to form within the water supply chain; from the pump inside the well, to filters and eventually the storage tanks.

During routine well water pump maintenance , a professional well contractor will test the water pressure of your well water at different access points; from filters to the tap. This allows them to determine if a small problem is beginning to form, so that preventive maintenance and service can solve the problem; before it turns into an expensive repair.

Second – Water Well Maintenance Checks for any Warning Signs

Although the most obvious warning sign that a problem exists with a residential water well system is a reduction of water pressure, there are several other warnings signs that professional contractors look for during routine service including;

  • Bubbles in the water supply from the tap
  • Elevated level of minerals in the tap water
  • A distinct smell
  • Signs of mold or bacteria in the water

Each of these warnings signs is an indicator of different types of potential water well problems; ranging from contaminated water supply, to a small leak inside the water pipes that can be easily fixed. However, like any other appliance or mechanical system, when a Phoenix well pump service can diagnose the problem early, it can save you a tremendous amount of money in the short and long term.

Third – Routine Inspections Makes Sure the Entire System Efficient

One of the biggest reasons why people choose residential water well systems is their dependability and reliability. The water well system is comprised of multiple individual components and systems that must all work well together in order to function correctly. During well water pump service in Phoenix, each individual system is checked for efficiency, cleanliness and wear and tear. If a problem is noticed, it’s documented and repaired which not only allows fresh water to flow without issue, but can improve the efficiency of the water well. Plus, when the well operates efficiently, it’s less dependent on electricity; which can save you money.

Smart homeowners know that the key to longevity of any household appliance is routine maintenance and service. Those living in areas that depend on well water systems can testify to the importance of keeping their water supply running strong, clean and efficient every month during the year; which is often the results of a strong and consistent scheduled maintenance program.


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