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How to Test The Well Water Flow Rate for Your Residential Well

If you’ve lived through one summer in Arizona, you know for a fact how vital free flowing water is to survival. However, one of the drawbacks of living ‘off the grid’ and depending on residential water wells is the potential problem of a well water flow rate that is less than stellar and potentially dangerous.

To avoid this issue, it is important for homeowners with residential water well pumps to have their water flow rate tested on a regular basis by a professional company capable of providing this service. Here are a few important reasons why testing a well’s flow rate is important, how it’s completed, and why an expert is best suited to handle this important job.

Why Is Water Well Flow Rate Important?

Unlike a city grid water supply, the residential water well is an independent system that provides water directly to your home from one point of access – the underground well. Because of this, having an efficient supply of water is a key component to diagnosing potential problems with the water well before they cause issues that can impact your water usage.

A good water flow rate is a key indicator of several important testing factors of equipment used in the process of collecting water from the underground well and supplying it to your faucet. Some of these individual components include underground water well pumps, water supply lines, storage tanks, and faucets that eventually supply the water to you.

A blockage in any of the above components can cause the other vital parts of the water well to also malfunction or operate inefficiently. Water well flow rate is important for multiple reasons, such as:

  • A good flow rate means that you will have adequate water pressure in your home.
  • Efficient water flow reduces the potential of bacteria building up in water lines.
  • Smooth well water supply is efficient and reduces electrical resources needed to power the water well pumps.
  • A good water flow rate also can save water usage by delivering the water you need at a volume you can control.

When Should Water Flow Testing Be Done?

Quite simply, water flow rate is the number of gallons of water that can be pumped from the well per minute (GPM). There are several occasions when flow testing should be done.

  1. Water flow rate testing should be done after the initial drilling of the well.
  2. Current property owners should have water flow testing done yearly as a part of the annual well maintenance check. Additionally, a water flow rate test should be conducted when the homeowner is running out of water or is experiencing poor water pressure.
  3. Testing is done to figure out your flow rate prior to installing a new filter or pump in your system.
  4. Water flow testing is done prior to home purchases. If you are considering purchasing a property that has a private well, you should have a flow test done prior to making the purchase to make sure the water supply can handle your water consumption needs. Keep in mind that the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water daily, so you would need to multiply that by the number of people in your household.

This will eliminate the frustration of moving into a home and running out of water or realizing after the fact that you will need to have a new well drilled. Keep in mind that you will need the current homeowner’s permission to have this test done. If he or she refuses, it is likely because there are problems with the flow.

While you can measure the well pump flow rate yourself, it is recommended that you contact your local Arizona well water servicer to help you determine an accurate flow rate and troubleshoot any problems that may exist within the system.

How to Test Your Well Water Flow Rate

The process of having your water flow rate tested is rather simple when you have the right equipment and experience to complete such a task. Residential water well service providers in AZ use precise and frequently calibrated flow rate devices that measure the flow rate of water from multiple water supply lines and in different areas, including:

  • Water flowing from the underground well to storage tanks
  • Water flowing from storage tanks to filters
  • Water from filtration systems to faucets around the entire property

When you can measure the flow rate of your entire water supply as well as in specific areas of the water well supply chain, the ability to diagnose any problems and fix them before they become critical is much easier.

Bring in an Expert to Complete Frequent Water Well Flow Rate Testing

Having a professional water well supply company complete residential water testing to ensure that your well has good water flow rate is important – especially when you live in the desert. In fact, the U.S. Center for Disease Control in Atlanta suggests that residential homeowners living in the Southwestern United States have their water wells inspected for flow rate, efficiency, and containments at least once per year.

When you work with a proven water well service provider, they can accomplish all of these important tests at the same time; saving you time and money.

Be proactive about your water well system by having a professional water well service company in Phoenix measure your water flow rate and inspecting your residential water well for any potential issues before problems occur.


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