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Well Pump Service and Repair in Phoenix [7 FAQs]

A reality that any homeowner must come to grips with sooner-than-later is that eventually major appliances are going to require service or repair. Living off the water grid comes with additional facts of life; as there will come a time when you’ll need to work with a company that offers well pump service and repair in Phoenix in order to maintain consistent flow of clean and usable water. However, as the old GI Joe cartoon PSA’s once said, “knowing is half the battle”. If you’re aware of the most common repairs completed to residential water wells in Arizona, you might have a few questions about those services.

As a service to you, and to ensure you’re aware of these common services; listed below are six of the most common well pump service repair questions our customers often ask. If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to contact our team; as we’re here to help you.

#1 – Why is the Pump Pressure Decreasing?

Answer: In most cases, water well pump pressure will decrease if there is an obstruction in the water supply line, clogged or dirty water filtration system, a component inside the water well pump is worn out or the water level is lower than the primary water supply tube. Low pressure can be an easy fix or a major repair however, it’s critical to contact a company offering well pump servicing in Phoenix ASAP if you notice any pressure issues. Why won’t any water pump out?

#2 – Why is My Pump Spitting Air?

Answer: Air found in water lines is typically caused by a water well that is running low on supply or an obstruction within the water supply chain. Anytime air or air bubbles are found in the water supply, you should contact a professional residential water well repair company to inspect your system.

#3 – Can a Pump get Clogged?

Answer: It’s very rare for pumps and water supply lines to become clogged; especially if they’ve been professionally installed, serviced and cleaned. However, since a residential water well is typically underground, it’s possible for foreign objects or debris to embed inside the water lines and thus, inside the pumps. This will typically display low water pressure to faucets if it occurs.

#4 – Do You Inspect the Well with a Camera?

Answer: Since most water well pumps are underground, utilizing the best fiber optic remote camera’s to diagnose and inspect wells, pumps and all components that comprise the residential water well is the most efficient way of completing water well service and inspection.

#5 – What can I Expect from Your Service Technicians?

Answer: Like any successful company, the primary reason for our growth and dependability is the fact we surround ourselves with the most qualified and professional people. Our technicians arrive on time, treat every customer equally and are efficient; yet thorough about the repairs, service, installations and inspections they perform.

#6 – What Happens When You Have Finished the Repairs?

Answer: When we have finished the repairs to your water well, our technician will inform you of the job that was completed. At this time if you have any additional questions they will be answered so that you will know how to properly interact with the well with the new repairs.

#7 – How Quickly can You Address and Fix the Problem?

Answer: It honestly depends on the condition and type of residential water well that we are inspecting. If the well is equipped with modern components; locating, inspecting and diagnosing a problem can be incredibly quick. Since we stock most parts, we’re often able to complete water well pump repairs the same day. However, if water well’s we service are very old, or the damage is severe; it might take additional time to resolve the issue.


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