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3 Common Home Water Well Pump Repair Emergencies

Our dependence on free flowing water to homes whether on the grid or supplied by residential water wells is essential for survival in the desert. However, regardless of how efficient or professional a water supply might be, there are times when maintenance and repair is needed. In fact, one of the most common jobs that a professional residential well pump repair company in Phoenix will perform are emergency repairs.

When it comes to water wells, there are three common home water well pump repairs that are completed around the clock; regardless of the weather conditions. Knowing what you symptoms are associated with these repairs can better prepare you to act quickly, so that your home’s water supply can be restored quickly.

Noted below are three of the most common water well pump repair emergencies that should stimulate a phone call to a dependable home water well pump repair specialist.

First – The Water Supply is Inconsistent

Most water well pumps depend on water as a primary source of lubrication and heat reduction. However, when the water supply runs dry, the pump has difficulty maintaining pressure or will simply break. In most cases, when the well has depleted its supply of accessible water there will be a few early warning signs including:

  • Water pressure is reduced or changes from high pressure to low pressure without notice
  • Air bubbles appear in water at the faucet
  • Water makes a loud sound when it’s flowing from faucets

These warning signs may indicate that the well has run dry and will require a professional well company to drill or access a different water supply nearby. However, it might be an indicator that the water well pump simply requires service or repair.

Second – You Notice a Consistent Loss of Well Pump Pressure

Water well pumps are typically installed underground or within the primary water supply line. When they are maintained on a consistent and normal basis through routine service checks, it’s quite possible for these components to last multiple years without replacement. However, one of the quickest indicators that the water well pump needs to be replaced is if you notice a consistent loss or reduction on water pressure. In some instances this may be caused by some obstruction inside the water supply line; or it can indicate that the pump itself is faulty or wearing down.

In either case, it’s imperative that you contact a professional home water well pump repair to come to your location and resolve this issue through repair, removal of the obstruction or replacement of the damaged pump as soon as possible.

Third – You Notice a Weird Taste in the Water

Although it’s very rare for this to occur, there are times when the water supply will become contaminated. Whether it’s due to corrosion of the water lines, bacteria growth in the below ground water well or foreign contamination of chemicals, when you notice a strange smell or weird tasting water, it’s essential to have a professional inspect the system for contaminated water. In most cases, this can be easily resolved; especially if there is a minor filtration issue; however, you never want to risk your health, the health of family or animal friends who depend on this water for survival.

One of the drawbacks of having residential water wells is the potential for emergency repair service. If any of the above examples happens to you or someone you know with a water well system, please contact a professional home water well pump repair company as soon as possible; so the issue can be resolved as quickly and affordably as possible.


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