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3 Issues That Lead To a Well Pump Repair in Phoenix

We depend on the consistent flow of water in a desert area like Phoenix more than most places in the US. Whether it’s for cooking, cleaning or simply drinking; having a problem with our well systems is simply not acceptable. This is why it’s so important that when you have a problem with your well pump, contacting a professional to complete a well pump repair in Phoenix is critical. And since many small well pump repairs can be expanded to major repairs if not handled quickly, getting this done as soon as possible can save you a ton of money and stress.

Here are three common issues that typically occur that should stimulate a phone call to a well pump repair company in Phoenix.

First – Your Well is Not Pumping Water

It seems logical that when your water well pump is not pumping water – there must be some type of problem. However, you’d be surprised on how many people assume that it’s just a ‘glitch’ and wait for the problem to go away – or attempt to self-diagnose the problem; which can lead to more problems in the long run. If your pump is not pumping water, the first thing you should do is to complete these two little checks; just to ensure it’s not a minor detail:

  • Check Electrical – Sometimes the electrical panel will trip a circuit somewhere on your property and can cause a well pump issue. If your circuit to the pump is tripped, reset and see if that cures the problem.
  • Check the Area Around the Pump – It’s also typical that debris surrounding the pump can cause it to stop working – especially if it’s blocked. If this happens, remove the debris, turn the power off, reset and see if that works.

If you’ve done this and nothing seems to be working, contact the well repair company.

Second – The Expansion Tank is Losing Pressure

Another common issue that can stimulate a phone call to the repair company is if the expansion tank is losing pressure. This can be caused by multiple items including:

  • A compressor issue
  • Loose fittings or hoses
  • Water well pump that is worn out
  • Blockage in the water tanks or water lines

Regardless of what the issue might be, this situation is one that should be handled by a professional to avoid any further damage and to also ensure your safety. Expansion tanks are very complex systems and if not handled correctly can cause potential injury.

Third – The Submersible Well Pump is Old

If you have a submersible well pump in your water well system, finding ways to self-diagnose is virtually impossible. The submersible pump system can go bad for multiple reasons – but in the end, old age eventually causes mechanical parts to simply quit working. There are new procedures and tools available to professional well pump repair companies to replace these systems quickly and efficiently.

Regardless of the specific reason why your water well is not pumping water – it’s critical for you to contact a professional residential well pump repair company in Phoenix that has the experience and resources to quickly get your system back up and running.


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