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3 Common Arizona Residential Well Pump Repair Questions

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a dumb question. This is especially true when it comes to finding out facts about residential well pump repair jobs. A water well system is complex – comprised of multiple moving parts, components and materials that all must work in conjunction to deliver fresh water to your home. However, the pump is just as complex and can have multiple issues that cause problems with functionality. With this being said, there are a few questions that you should always ask a professional Arizona residential well pump repair company to ensure you’re getting the best solution to you current problems.

First – Why is the Pump Pressure Decreasing?

Finding out why something is not working is just as important as asking when it can be fixed. When it comes to repairing residential well pumps, the root cause is often the first thing that needs to be determined. Typically there are three main reasons why the pump pressure is decreasing for submersible pumps and above ground water pumps:

  • There is a blockage in the water pump or water lines
  • Not enough power flowing to the pump to operate it correctly
  • Air pockets inside the water lines

Each of these root causes will be diagnosed and analyzed by a professional well pump repair company when they show up to complete any water well pump service.

Second – Why Won’t Any Water Pump Out?

Restriction in water flow is one thing – but when the pump stops working entirely, this is the sign of a major problem. There are typically two types of water well pump systems; ones that suck water out of the well and into the storage tank and systems that push water from the well into the tanks. Each of these systems has unique properties that allow them to function correctly. For the most part, the complete loss of any pressure for the water pump is based on two simple solutions:

  • There is no electrical power being supplied to the water pump
  • There is a mechanical problem with the pump that is not allowing it to function

This type of problem is applicable to any style of pump; whether you have a shallow well or a deep well on your property.

Third – Why is My Pump Spitting Air Out?

Multiple issues can cause air being caught in a water line. The most common reason is a reduction of pressure in the water lines. This can be caused by an issue below ground (inside the well), above ground (inside the water storage tank) – or anywhere in between. Anytime you have air that is being pumped out of your water lines instead of water; or if you notice that your water is cloudy; it’s a good idea to contact a water well pump repair company to inspect the system for pressure loss, leaks or other small issues that can easily be fixed before they turn into larger, more expensive problems.

The process of repairing a residential water pump is much easier when the root cause can be discovered first. This methodology is what a professional water well repair company in Phoenix will provide as soon as you contact them. You should always be comfortable asking them questions when they arrive so you can be better educated about how your water well pump system works. The more you know about your water well system – the better prepared you will be if a problem occurs in the future.


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