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Well Drilling 101: 3 Commonly Used Methods

Are you thinking about installing a well on your property? More than 10 million American homes rely on well water, a healthier and cheaper alternative to the city water supply.

If you’re thinking of drilling a well, you should know that there are three commonly used methods of digging shallow wells and deep wells. The type of well that you’ll need depends upon your property, and you’ll want to consult a professional installation company.

We’ll walk you through the most popular types of well drilling methods, and give you some information about local well drilling professionals. Let’s get into it!

1. Rotary Drilling

The depth of your residential well will be anywhere from about 15 feet to more than 1,000. Rotary drilling uses a bit–a piece of metal with a diamond tip–that is attached to the end of a drilling pipe.

A hydraulic system feeds the pipe down into the ground until the drill bit reaches the water that is under your property. As the drill bit turns, dirt and rocks will make their way up to the surface. Professional well drillers often use drilling fluid to reinforce the stability of the drill hole.

2. Auger Water Well Drilling

If your property is sandy, you might end up having to use the auger method. Basically, the auger drill is a large tool that burrows directly into the ground. It carries the sand to the surface, which makes it easier to drill the second part of the hole.

Often, well drilling professionals will install a drill casing in order to keep the hole from collapsing in on itself. If your water table is 50 feet or less under your property, the auger drilling method will be the most common.

3. Drive Point Drilling

Drive point drilling has a lot of similarities to oil drilling. You have to make sure that the pipes are large enough to penetrate the ground and let water in, but small enough to keep the hole intact.

You can hand-drive a well, but you’re better off contacting a well drilling professional. Once your pipes are driven down to the level of the water table, water will flow through the pipes. The drive point method is often used for water tables that are 25 feet or less below the surface.

Finding a Well Drilling Professional

Installing a water pump is one of the most important things you can do for your property value. When it’s time to find a well drilling professional, you should look for companies with many years of experience and outstanding customer reviews.

Water tables can get contaminated by so many things: flowing through landfills, leaky septic tanks, and pesticides. When you do drill a well, make sure that you check your well regularly.

You can talk to your well drilling company about the best place to install and locate the well. Do you want it in your backyard, out of the way, or would it be more effective in the front or side of your home?

When you have your well dug and ready to go, give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll schedule a consultation for your residential or commercial property well water maintenance program.

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