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The 3 Types of Wells Most Commonly Used in Phoenix, AZ

types of wellsWhen settlers headed west in the mid-1800’s, one of the first items they looked for prior to settling anywhere was clean, drinkable water. One of the methods they used was locating a river or lake that was close and digging into the water table to access underground wells. Since those early days, technology and engineering have advanced significantly, allowing professional water well contractors to design and build different types of wells that are unique to the property and owner’s needs for fresh water.

In general, there are three different types of wells that are commonly used in Arizona residential water well systems including:

  • Drilled wells
  • Driven wells
  • Dug wells

Determining what type of residential water well is best suited for your individual application will depend on multiple elements. Noted below are a few details about these different types of water wells and how they help to supply Arizona homeowners with fresh drinking water.


What is a Drilled Well?

A drilled well is constructed by a rotary drilling machine that literally “drills” a hole into the ground until it reaches the underground water source. These types of wells require a casing on the outside of the drilled hole as well as screening to prevent the driving water from being contaminated. The screen also reduces the amount of sediment flowing into the water storage tanks and can also improve the integrity of the well. These types of wells can reach depths up to 1,000 feet. Once the drilled well has been opened, a submersible water pump and piping system are installed and a casing cap is installed on top of the water wells, which also is designed to protect the integrity of the below-ground water source and reduce exposure to chemicals and other contaminants.


What is a Driven Well?

While a drilled well uses a screw-type device to reach depths required to achieve the depth of the water table, the driven well system is constructed by using a smaller diameter pipe to reach shallow below ground water sources. Typically the ground surface using a driven well is loose gravel or sand, which makes it easier to access. This type of well has a few benefits and drawbacks. For example, although they are very economical to construct, they are only able to access shallow water sources and are prone to contamination as they are not sealed. They typically only reach depths of 50 feet.


What is a Dug Well?

Although most residential water wells in Arizona are rather deep below ground, there are still a few locations that can access aquifers less than 50 feet below ground. For those applications using a dug well by digging with a backhoe or other heavy construction equipment is common. However, these types of wells are covered with natural materials including stone, concrete or wood. This type of well can be popular in Arizona mountain communities where there is a low water table and temperatures are lower than in the Valley.


In most cases when you are planning to build a new home, a professional water well pump installation company will work with you to determine what type of well construction is best suited for your individual application.


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