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How To Replace a Submersible Well Pump in Phoenix

Most homeowners who live outside of the city water grid are quite aware of the components that comprise their residential water well. One of the most important parts of this system is the submersible well pump. However, when the question of how to replace a submersible well pump in Phoenix comes up, it’s hard to find the best methods for completing this important project. Noted below are a few important tips that you should consider anytime you are experiencing well water issues.

First – Contact a Well Pump Replacement Company in Phoenix to Inspect your System

Today’s water well systems are not as simple as they once were. In years past, when a mechanical pump stopped supplying water to the house, it was likely due to a damaged crank, electrical problem or something simple that could be easily diagnosed or repaired by the homeowner. The water well systems used today are much more difficult to repair and correctly diagnose. This is why the first step that should be completed if a problem is detected is a phone call to a submersible well pump repair company in Phoenix. It’s always best to let a professional contractor inspect your water well system as soon as you notice a problem; as typically they’ll quickly discover the root source and in many cases; can complete repairs the same day.

Second – Review their Diagnosis Report

When a professional water well repair company comes to your home to complete a well inspection, they will take copious notes and report their findings to you. The best companies are ones that will spend time explaining what is damaged, what components might be wearing out soon and provide a repair that will resolve the issue, as opposed to completing an inferior repair that will pop up again soon. When you call the Phoenix well repair company initially, ask them about their diagnosis process and if they’ll provide you with an inspection report that outlines all possible issues, so the right repairs can be completed during one visit.

Third- Receive a Price Quote for Repairs to the Submersible Pump vs. Replacement

In most cases, when water is not being distributed from the below ground well to the storage tank, it’s due to a submersible pump being damaged or broken which will require replacement as opposed to repair. It’s important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of completing a repair on your older submersible water well pump vs. buying a new one and having the professional contractor install the pump for you. Quite often, the best solution is to have a new system installed, as technology improves these systems last longer, is more energy efficient and provide better water pressure.

Finally – Schedule the day/time when the replacement will happen

Most professional water well pump repair companies are very good about working within your busy schedule when it comes to replacing a submersible well pump. However, there are some companies that are very strict on the times and dates they offer companies. While you’re searching for the best submersible well pump repair company in Phoenix, make sure they have the flexibility to work with you – not the other way around.

When it comes to learning how to replace a submersible well pump in Phoenix, it is best to always defer to the experts. In the short term, they’ll ensure the right repairs or replacements are completed correctly the first time around. In the long term, they’ll have a good understanding of your water well system and can complete all service you require much more efficiently.


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