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3 Types of Residential Water Well Pumps Used in Phoenix

The use of dependable, clean water in a desert community like Phoenix is a precious commodity. For homeowners living off the city water grid, having a dependable water well pump that is frequently serviced by a residential well pump repair company has quickly become a way of life. However, there are times when the most reliable of water well pumps break down and need to be replaced. If this is the case for you – or if you’re simply inquiring into the different types of residential water well pumps available; here are three of the most common for your review.

Submersible Water Well Pumps

As the name implies, the submersible water well pump is one that is engineered to operate underneath the earth’s surface. This type of water well pump is very similar in operation to that of a sump pump that is often found in many residential homes in the Phoenix area – however will only work when it is 100 percent submerged in water. Unlike a typical above-ground water well pump, the submersible water well pump is designed to push water to the surface as opposed to sucking water up into a storage tank.

The submersible pump is factory sealed to ensure that water does not enter the mechanical portion of the pump – and so they continue to operate for several years. These pumps are recommended to be serviced frequently and tested for consistent water pressure.

Shallow / Deep Well Pumps

The typical submersible water well pump often varies in size, but typically falls into two different categories:

The shallow well pump is commonly used in applications where the well has a maximum depth of up to 25 feet. A major consideration factor that impacts the total depth of the application is elevation – as in many mountain communities where the density altitude is lower than sea-level, the maximum depth is reduced to 18 to 20 feet. A deep well submersible pump is used in residential water wells that can be as deep as 80 to 100 feet. These types of submersible water well pumps also require frequent testing and monitoring to ensure proper use.

Centrifugal Water Well Pump

These types of submersible pumps operate by a rotating ‘screw’ that relies on centrifugal force to push the water from the depths of water wells to the surface. A device that is used to help improve this process is a centrifugal water pressure booster pump. This device increases the pressure of water that is usable inside a well by pressurizing the water by use of an impeller device. Most of today’s common residential water well systems use a centrifugal pump or water pressure booster to ensure consistent flow of water is maintained. Most of these pumps utilize more than one impeller which also allows the water pressure to maintain a consistent flow and ensure the homes storage tanks are filled to capacity frequently.

Regardless of which type of residential water well pumps you utilize, the key is to ensure they are properly installed, serviced and maintained. Make sure to contact your local water well repair company in Phoenix to ask them about the service plans they offer for residential water well systems.


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