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Does Submersible Well Pump Sizing Affect Water Flow?

For homeowners in Arizona that depend on residential water well systems for their primary source of hydration, picking the right sized replacement pump can be a complicated thought process. Is efficient water flow their number one priority or is convenience of high-pressure water flow the most important consideration when choosing a replacement pump? Regardless of the consumer personal choice, there are multiple factors that go into submersible well pump sizing as well as benefits and drawbacks of certain pumps.

In the world of water well pumps – size does matter. The size of the submersible pump can impact the flow rate by other factors as well including:

Although there are multiple variables involved in overall water flow capacity – the primary consideration is the size of the water pump. However, when you contact a submersible well pump repair company in Phoenix, they’ll be able to address a few of the more common questions about water well sizing including the items listed below.

What problems can arise from incorrect size?

When it comes to the overall size of the submersible pump – improper application or sizing can impact multiple areas such as:

  • A pump that is too big can cause the water lines to hold too much pressure. Depending on the material of the water line and how many connections are involved in the overall water system, too much pressure can cause leaks or pipes to burst.
  • A pump that is too small can also impact the overall performance of the water well. If demand for water is high, a smaller pump can literally burn out or break down prematurely.

The size of the water pump and its flow rate can also impact water pressure at the tap, potential damage to interior plumbing fixtures and in some cases; issues with the water storage tanks.

How to determine if you have an incorrect size

If you’ve recently purchased a property that depends on water wells as opposed to ‘living on the grid’, it is very common for there to be questions about how the water well system works. The water pressure for water well systems typically is slightly lower than city grid water supplies. However, this doesn’t always equate to having an incorrect size system. The best way to determine if you’ve got the wrong sized pump is to contact a residential water well service expert to have them complete a complete audit and inspection of your system.

Use an expert to calculate the correct submersible water pump size

During a typical water well inspection, the company will measure your flow rate , take water samples and ensure both the water well pump and the storage tank work efficiently together. Submersible well pump sizing is not always the easiest thing for a homeowner to determine – especially since they are located deep inside your water well. It’s always best to let a professional complete a full system audit anytime at least once per year; not only to ensure you have the right submersible well pump sizing, but also to ensure your water is clean and healthy to use.


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