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Covering a Well Pump: Should I Cover My Well Pump?

There are many reasons why someone would consider covering a well pump.

But why should you?

After all, well pumps, by their very nature, are constructed from hard-wearing materials.

If it’s not obscuring your view, there might not be an urgency to erect a covering. 

But if you’re still wondering, “Should I cover my well pump?”, the simple answer is yes. 

Here’s why!


Mother nature is a cruel mistress.

According to a report issued by CoreLogic, one in ten homes in the USA were affected by weather disasters in 2021.

This rate of disaster-causing damage should indicate that your well pump needs protection from the elements.

In Arizona, temperatures can fluctuate greatly, but snowfall is extremely unlikely. 

But, towns like Flagstaff, AZ and Prescot, AZ can experience freezing temperatures and will require owners to answer the call: “Winterize my well pump.”   

If you don’t need to use it during the winter, you can drain it via the drainage plug.

And if you are operating it, you will be required to wrap the pumps with insulation piping or some blankets. 

A significant issue in the state is the extreme heat.

UV rays can eat away protective paint, which prevents rust from forming.

Rust can quickly affect the efficiency of your pump. 

You can manage these risks by simply placing a well pump under a shelter or any DIY pump covers.

Vandalism and Crime

According to the Crime in Arizona Report in 2020, only 28.08% of property stolen was recovered. Indicating that if something is stolen, it will not be returned. 

Most well points will be situated relatively far away from the house.

For this reason, well pumps can quickly become susceptible to vandalism or theft. This being said, your cover should still allow for:

  • Easy access for repairs
  • Retaining and dissipating heat
  • Power sources to be easily connected and removed

If you can afford it, you can fit alarm sensors for when someone tries to tamper with your well pump.

And make sure the doors to the unit can be locked away with a padlock. 

Noise and Unsightly 

Well pumps can be very noisy as well as unsightly.

After all, the least important element when selecting a well pump is its looks. 

By installing an excellent covering for your well pump, you can reduce the noise you hear.

Also, the flooring of these coverings can be rubberized, reducing noise even further. 

And because coverings for well pumps can vary widely, you can select exactly how you want to hide your unit. 

While this isn’t a set requirement, it is something that will help with your home’s landscaping aesthetic. 

If you’re looking for an expert to assist with your well pump, look no further than us. 

Covering a Well Pump? Ask Us in Person!

Whether you’re looking to get more advice for covering a well pump, or need an expert to look at your unit’s performance. 

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