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All About Well Pumps and Systems

In Arizona’s hot, dry state, there is nothing more important than a reliable source of water.

But are you aware of how water makes it to your faucet? 

At Empire Pump, our specialty has been quality water well-pump services since 2001, so we know how it’s done.

Whether you’re a residential homeowner or a commercial, industrial, or agricultural business, it’s valuable to know how well pumps and systems work to keep a clean and strong water supply. 

We’ve got the breakdown for you! Keep reading to learn about the inner workings of well pumps and systems.

Components of Well Pumps and Water Systems

Besides a well, the main components of a water system are pumps, pressure tanks, and storage tanks. 

The most common types of well water pumps used in Arizona are submersible pumps, jet pumps (also called centrifugal pumps), and deep jet pumps. 

Submersible pumps rely on pressure tanks for pumping ability, while other pumps use atmospheric pressure, relying on vacuums and pipes.

Pressure tanks use a pre-charged airbag to regulate the pressure in the tank.

Pressure tanks also need a pressure switch and check valve.

The type of well water pump you’ll need all depends on the depth of your well.

For example- jet pumps are best for wells as deep as 25 feet.

For anything deeper, you’ll want to look at getting a deep jet pump.

Well, How Does it Work?

So how exactly do all of these components come together to provide water?

Let’s break down how pumps using a pressure tank function.

The pressure tank is full of compressed air to create water pressure.

So, when you turn the valve (like turning on the faucet), all of that pressure is released.

This pushes the water from the well, through your pipes, and out the faucet.

But before this happens, the water has to come from somewhere! 

To pump the water out of the ground, submersible or jet pumps will sit on top of the ground or water source and automatically extract the water.

Some pumps only perform this job, while other pumps can also pump the water through the entire water system.

For larger industrial sites or homes, a large storage tank will be the next stop for the well water before it’s needed.

This can be useful for long-term storage or emergencies and outages.

To ensure your well is working properly and delivering clean freshwater, make sure to stay up to date with our Phoenix residential water well inspection checklist.

Installation and Rehabilitation of Well Pumps and Systems

Staying knowledgeable on how water systems work will help you spot any issues and make informed decisions on getting your water.

But when it comes to finding and maintaining the best well pumps and systems for you, rely on the experts.

We at Empire Pump handle well inspections, storage tank installations, pump inspections, and more.

For questions about any of our services in Phoenix, Arizona or receive a free quote, contact us today. 

We’ll keep the water in your residential, commercial, or industrial pump flowing!

Do you need to have your residential water well inspected? Call Pump It Up Pump Services, Inc. and have one of our professionals answer your water well questions. Call 623-582-5069 now or request service here.

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