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Checking Well Pressure Tank: Everything You Should Know

You’ve gone to fill a pot with water to start on dinner only to find that your faucet is pouring water with barely any pressure at all.

It can be difficult to figure out where to start with fixing the issue.

One of the first steps is to check you’re well pressure tank.

When checking well pressure tank, it can be overwhelming if you aren’t knowledgeable.

Not to worry!

It may seem complicated, but we’re here to give you every step from start to finish.

Read on to see how and why it’s important to be checking well pressure tank regularly.

Why Bother?

In Arizona, water pressure is regulated by the state.

Too much pressure can damage your pipes beyond repair.

Too little, and you aren’t getting the water you need to carry daily.

Here in Phoenix, the acceptable pressure range is between 40 and 100 psi.

However, above 80 requires action to ensure the water pressure doesn’t harm your water pipes. 

How to Start

The first step to checking well pressure tank is to cut off the power supply to the tank.

This prevents it from starting mid-maintenance, which can cause damage to both the tank and you.

Once you’ve ensured the power is off, drain the water from the tank.

This is best done by running a hose from the tank to the outside.

If you can’t get a hose that far, siphoning into buckets is fine – all that matters is that the water leaves the tank.

Checking the Pressure

The best part of checking well water pressure is that you don’t need complex equipment.

In fact, you need nothing more than a typical pressure gauge.

Most tanks will have a Schrader valve towards the top of the tank.

This is a small, cylindrical metal tube you’ll use to check the pressure.

You likely recognize these valves from tires.

Press your gauge against this valve to check the pressure.

Your gauge will give you the reading quickly and easily.

Common Issues

Most commonly, checking well pressure tank will show an issue with the pressure.

Well pressure tanks require rather frequent maintenance and can have internal parts begin to fail without it.

When this happens, low pressure is a very common issue.

Of course, having pressure significantly too high is also rather common.

Thankfully, these are often somewhat easy fixes.

More complicated issues can be seen if water comes out of the Schrader valve.

This likely means a failed seal or torn bladder.

Unfortunately, this can often mean a tank replacement.

Help Checking Well Pressure Tank

Out in the desert of Arizona, issues with water supply can be extremely troublesome.

The easiest way to check you’re well pressure tank will be to let a professional handle it.

That way, you know exactly what course of action is needed, whether it be repairs or replacement.

If you have any questions or tips about checking well pressure tanks, be sure to share them in the comments below!

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