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3 Reasons Not to Shop Well Pump Replacement Parts Online

The abundance of online shopping resources has made buying replacement parts for any mechanical item a breeze. Whether it’s buying parts through online wholesale websites, e-Bay, or direct from the manufacture, the advent of online shopping technology often makes this process safe, secure and simple. However, when it comes to shopping online for well pump replacement parts, there are a few drawbacks that any property owner should be aware.

Here are three reasons that you should consider buying your well replacement parts from local water well pump service and maintenance companies as opposed to buying online.

First – Well Pump Replacement Parts Are Not One Size Fits All

Water well pumps are comprised of several individual components that are engineered to work together. However, the fact is that most water well pumps have dozens of individual parts that are all unique to specific manufactures, makes, models and styles. This often creates a problem for home and commercial well owners – as searching for the exact part through a webpage or even the typical ‘Google’ search can produce incorrect results. Since most well owners are not experts in the manufacturing and engineering of these parts; it’s hard to tell the difference and to ensure you get the right part.

A solution to this problem is to buy replacement parts for deep well systems from a local supplier that has the experience, knowledge and inventory to examine your part, match it perfectly and provide service or installation services to make sure they work properly for your specific system.

Second – Online Shopping is Not as Safe as it Used to Be

How often have you heard the horror stories from somebody who has their identity stolen? The reality is that most identity theft occurs when shoppers enter their private financial information online; through what they believe is a safe online shopping portal. However, hackers are always one step ahead of today’s anti-virus protection programs. It’s due to this fact that identity theft is increasing in the United States. Although there are several exceptional online sources to buy items securely online, many online water well replacement part companies don’t spend a lot of money on cyber security. This puts their customers at a huge risk for identity theft.

A solution to this problem is again to work with a local water well pump parts supplier that can safely and securely process your payments through their physical location.

Third – Online Shopping Causes Return Problems

Finally, another major problem that typically comes up when consumers shop online deep well submersible pump parts is returning the items if they are incorrect. Although there are some great business people that ship parts online, and offer great return policies, the facts remain that the customer is often responsible for shipping costs and paying restocking fees. Plus, trying to find an online parts supplier that will offer well pump warranty services on their replacement parts is darn near impossible.

When you look at the facts, the potential allure about shopping online for well pump replacement is actually not as good as it seems. Once you buy a part online, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly installed; not only for warranty protection – but proper operation of the part. By taking time to work with a well pump service company in Phoenix from the start, you’ll save time, money, stress and have the ability to have your well pumps maintained by professionals.


Don’t lose money and time by shopping online for well pump replacement parts. Call Pump It Up Pump Services, Inc. and let one of our professionals assess your well pump system to determine the right parts needed for the job. Call 623-582-5069 now!

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