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What Does a Well Inspection Include?

In ancient Egypt, a water pump called a saqia was invented to lift water from out of a well from a depth of 10 meters. Digging wells for water has been around for thousands of years and many people are still using this method to get water in their homes with a little help from modern plumbing.

Living in the desert has historically been associated with struggles in obtaining clean, potable water. In recent years, this hurdle has been significantly reduced thanks largely in part to a professional residential well pump inspection company in Phoenix that not only constructs high-quality and efficient well water systems, but keeps them in operating shape by completing well inspections. Just like any other mechanical device or system, a residential well inspection is vital in order to maintain the moving parts and components that supply water from below ground to all faucets in your home.

Listed below are several of the individual components that explain what does a well inspection include?

First – Determines the Type of Well Construction

Not all off-the-grid water supplies are identical. In fact, depending on your location and several other elements, there are three general types of wells that exist in the Phoenix valley. Each of these systems are assembled and built with different components and in different methods. Just like a mechanic has different procedures for maintaining and servicing three different automotive manufacturers, professional Phoenix well inspection companies have customized procedures for each individual system.

Second – Checking the Well Cover

The last thing you want is having your water supply contaminated; which is why inspecting the well cover is another very important step involved in inspecting a water well. The water well cover protects against having chemicals including pesticides used in agricultural areas seeping into the tapped water well. As the well ages, the covers can wear out. However, staying ahead of the curve can reduce accidental exposure and contamination.

Third – Factoring the Well’s History and Age

Some wells are simply more reliable than others. Certain areas in the Phoenix Valley have well systems that dry up sooner than others are more likely to have higher mineral levels or develop ancillary problems that cause malfunction of the well system. By factoring in the history of similar wells along with the age of the well, the inspection company will have a better understanding of additional testing that should be completed during an inspection such as:

  • Looking at the well’s placement
  • Researching the well’s construction
  • Discovery of additional underground water wells nearby

Fourth – Inspection of Well Components

Residential water wells are comprised of multiple individual components that must work together efficiently in order to pump water from below ground to eventually every tap in your home. Some of the individual components that are a vital part of general water well maintenance include the pump, filtration system, storage tanks and water supply lines. If any of these components shows signs of premature wear and tear, the pump inspection company can quickly resolve these issues without compromising the wells integrity or your dependence on clean water.

Fifth – Well Water Quality Analysis and Water Pressure Flow Rate

One of the most important parts of a routine well inspection is completing water quality analysis along with water flow rates. In fact, these two tend to go hand in hand. If the water well’s flow rate is slow, it’s typically due to an obstruction of debris or other contaminant that could decrease the water’s clarity or contain harmful bacterial. Again, by being proactive; any small issues can be quickly resolved and a solution to fix any damaged component will be discussed and activated upon the owner’s consent.

Maintaining your residential water well is simply put; a vital part of home owner maintenance when you live off the water supply city grid. Knowing the individual elements of what does a well inspection include should help you understand the importance of this routine service.


Ensure your well water is safe! Before buying a home with a well, understand well inspections. Call 623-582-5069 now to schedule an appointment or to have your questions answered!

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