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Signs You Might Need a New Well Pump

If you are a homeowner who relies on a well as your independent source of water, a properly functioning well is critical. At the heart of the well is the well pump. Without it, the well runs dry.

Performing regular inspections of your well is important for maintaining water purity and for spotting problems with a failing pump.

Consulting a professional is always a good idea if you think your well pump may have some issues. Here are some signs to look for when checking the status of your well pump.

No Running Water

If you have no running water, it’s a good indication the pump isn’t functioning properly. There could be multiple reasons why your well isn’t producing enough water – from faulty equipment or a blown fuse.

Depending on the issue, it could be easily fixed or require extensive repair or replacement of the pump. A professional can easily determine the cause and the best way to fix the problem and get your water running again.

Low Water Pressure

A lower than normal water pressure can indicate problems with your well pump. This issue is often due to a pressure tank problem and is usually fixed above ground.

Holes in a pressure tank often cause pressure issues and must be repaired. Low underground water volume can be another potential cause of low water pressure. This may require cleaning the pipes in order to fix the problem.

Constant Running

A pump that continuously runs can be a sign of serious problems or even impending failure. The problem could be a faulty sensor or shut off switch.

A pump that constantly starts and stops could indicate a waterlogged tank. This is a minor problem and easily fixed. However, a minor problem that isn’t fixed could result in failure. So, it’s a good idea to get it checked by a professional.

Spitting Air

If you notice air spitting when you turn on the faucet, you may have problems with your well that could be due to problems with the pump. The air could result from leaky pipes that may need repair or replacement.

Air in the water could also result if there’s a pressure tank problem. This may also need repair or replacement.

Dirty Water

Discolored or dirty water may indicate problems. It’s possible your the pump is too big for what the well actually needs.

If the pump is not placed at the proper depth, it could bring in dirt that then enters your water supply. Dirty water could be harmful to you and your family’s health.

You should not hesitate to have this situation addressed. These problems can be easily assessed and corrected.

Consult a Well Pump Professional

Having clean, healthy water is so important for your well-being, so having a well that functions properly is critical. Regular inspection and maintenance of your well are necessary to keep it functioning well.

If you have noticed any of these problem signs or just want your well inspected for potential issues, call your trusted residential well pump repair business servicing homes across the Valley –  contact us today.



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