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Well Pump Not Pumping Water [Common Causes]

There is nothing worse that turning on a water faucet on a hot summer day in Phoenix and ending up with nothing but air coming out of the tap. We depend on water to live in the desert. When you have residential water well systems, failure to have efficient running water is often an indicator of a mechanical failure somewhere in the well pump system that needs to be resolved by a water well pump company near Phoenix ASAP. However, this issue could be a minor glitch in the system. Knowing the common causes of when a well pump not pumping water will allow you to be prepared to handle any situation that pops up when you least expect.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why your well pump stops pumping water.

The Water Well is Running Dry

An unfortunate fact of most well systems is that eventually, they will run dry. Unless you are tapped into a below ground spring that is frequently filled and has a virtual endless water supply, it is quite possible that the reason the well pump has stopped pumping water is due to the well running low. In most cases, this is a situation that is progressive and can be predicted; especially when the residential water well pump service company complete annual inspections of the well.

There are a few warning signs of a water well that is beginning to dry that you should look for including:

  • The tap water will look muddy or murky
  • The water will have a funny or noticeable different in taste
  • Air will become more apparent in the tap water

In most cases when the well is discovered as running low on water, a nearby well is available to tap into, allowing the home to continue to have clean water.

There are Obstructions in the Water Well Pump System

Although this situation is typically avoided when routine annual well inspections occur, there are times when issues with water wells are caused by debris that becomes lodged in the water well pump, supply lines or in some rare instances, in the storage tanks. Although there are redundant filtration systems in residential water well systems, sometimes these filters themselves will become clogged with excessive sediment, dirty and other foreign objects. It’s for this reason that routine maintenance and filter replacement is an important preventative maintenance solution that can reduce the chances of no water running.

The Pump is Located in the Wrong Place or Too Small

Not all residential water well pumps are equal. There are generally two types of pumps, those above ground that suck water up from below ground and below ground pumps that push water upward into storage tanks. The location and size of the water pump is typically customized to maximize water flow rate, and extend the life of the water supply below ground. In some cases, the pump that was originally installed is incorrect and can cause a situation where the well pump is not pumping water. A faulty water well pump can be repaired or replaced with one that is more efficient and best suited for your individual water well system.

Most of these common causes of the well pump not pumping water can be avoided by setting up routine water well inspections and maintenance programs offered by dependable water well service companies near Phoenix. If you are noticing any of the above warning signs or suspect problems with your water supply, be proactive and contact a professional as soon as possible to resolve the issues.


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