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How to Size a Generator for a Well Pump

Monsoon storms can cripple power lines in Arizona.

Even scheduled power outages can cause inconveniences.

While gadgets can last for a day or two, a well pump stops working as soon as the power’s out.

A generator for a well pump can supply power during an outage.

However, without correct sizing, a generator could shut down in times when the power’s out.

Worst case scenario is that it can cause fires due to overload. Electrical malfunction is the fourth leading cause of residential fires in the U.S.

Here are a few tips to follow when sizing up a generator for your well pump.

Match the Power Rating

Around 15 million households in the U.S. still rely on private wells for drinking water.

With Arizona’s dry weather, uninterrupted well pump power is a necessity.

A well pump generator can help provide this consistency.

A well pump generator size depends on your pump’s rating.

Thus, you must determine your pump’s voltage requirement and horsepower rating first.

Convert horsepower to watts by multiplying the constant value 746 with the horsepower.

If you have a 1.5HP pump, the corresponding wattage is 1119 watts.

The generator needs to provide twice the power to start and run your well pump.

With the example above, you need a generator that has around 2238 watts.

Consider the Generator Frequency

Generators should deliver at least 65% of the rated voltage.

If a pump runs below 1 to 2 HZ of the generator’s frequency, it can cause underload.

Unburnt fuel will clog up its pistons, resulting in a drop in its efficiency.

On the other hand, a pump running above 1 to 2 HZ compared to the generator’s capacity can cause overload.

Overloaded generators can cause a fire if it doesn’t have circuit breakers.

Choose the Right Type of Generator

Well pump maintenance can be tedious in itself.

Choosing a generator that’s easy to set up and maintain can prevent adding toil.

If you want to keep your well pump connected to your home backup system, go with a standby generator.

An inverter generator is an excellent choice if you live in an area sensitive to noise.

Pick a Heavy-Duty Model

The last thing you want is a generator that doesn’t start while on a power outage.

Thus, it’s essential to choose one with heavy-duty framing.

Vibration rubber pads should be firm for an adequate cushion while it’s running.

Consider the Fuel Type

As a general rule, always pick a generator with a fuel type accessible to you.

Generators can run on both oil and gas or gasoline only. Others run on dual fuel or diesel.

Going with a dual fuel generator is your best option if you live in Phoenix’s remote areas.

It allows you to use either gas or propane to run it.

Choose a Generator for a Well Pump With Correct Sizing

No Phoenix household deserves to experience water disruption.

Follow these five tips when choosing a generator for a well pump.

They will ensure that you have a water supply even during outages.

For any problems with your well pump, contact us today. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you.


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