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Sizing Up Your Options: Factors in Residential Tank Sizing

It doesn’t take long before a new story pops up in the news about a water shortage or an impending water crisis.

It’s more important than ever to ensure your home’s water supply is reliable. 

The right residential water tank sizing for your Phoenix home is essential for many reasons.

As water scarcity increases in households, understanding how to size your tank correctly is critical.

This blog post will review the factors that impact residential tank sizing and provide guidelines on choosing the right tank for your home.

Calculate Your Water Use

Assessing your water needs for sizing a water tank is easier than you think!

With just two steps, you’ll be on your way to success.

1. First, determine your peak water usage by calculating the largest amount you’ll need at any given time.

2. Calculate your total water requirements by looking at your peak usage, daily consumption, and any other water needs (such as garden irrigation or filling a swimming pool).

For an extra-accurate assessment, spend 2-4 weeks monitoring your water needs.

Remember, your usage may vary throughout the year, so adjust for peak differences.

Determine Your Tank Size

Once you understand your water use, it’s time to find the perfect tank.

Work out the right tank size based on your total water requirements.

But remember, you’ll also need to consider the manufacturer and type of tank you’re buying.

Research the different sizes and styles available from various manufacturers before settling on a size.

Consider Your Home Needs

One of the most important factors when choosing a home water tank is the layout of your space.

Take careful measurements to ensure your chosen tank fits comfortably in the designated area.

With various shapes and sizes, you can find the perfect tank to meet your needs.

Don’t forget to consider the layout of your home when selecting the right water tank.

Tank Installation and Maintenance

When selecting the perfect tank for your needs, make sure to find one located in a safe, accessible area away from potential sources of contamination.

Check the necessary capacity to meet the demands of your home.

In addition to selecting the right material to guarantee durability and longevity, your tank must be correctly installed and anchored.

Once everything is in place, ensure proper drainage to avoid flooding or spills.

Lastly, regular inspections and maintenance are vital to keeping your tank performing at its best.

Compare Manufacturers and Costs

Before making any decisions, consider dimensions, material, installation complexity, and warranty.

Compare all these factors to decide which option offers the most value for money.

Don’t forget to check the delivery charges to Phoenix, too!

If the manufacturer provides a warranty, check its duration as well.

Researching and understanding each product’s specifics can help you make an informed and rewarding decision.

Residential Tank Sizing: Getting It Right

Residential tank sizing is crucial to avoid installation delays and added costs.

Understanding the factors determining the proper tank size for your home and the installation and maintenance of the tank will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing and installing a residential water tank.

Contact our experts today for help finding the best water storage tanks for your Phoenix residence. 


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