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Signs You Need a Private Well Inspection in Phoenix

Having a clean and efficiently running water well system is vital to survival in a hot weather climate like Phoenix. What most homeowners and commercial land owners that have water well systems tend to forget however is that having a private well inspection in Phoenix completed on a regular basis is essential – not only for the health and well-being of people that use the water; but to ensure the system is free of obstructions that can lead to expensive repairs.

There are a few warning signs that home and commercial property water well owners should be aware of so they can schedule a private well inspection before a major problem occurs.

First – Look for Spitting Water

Water wells work efficiently when there is consistent flow in the water. One of the first warning signs that the water well is starting to have issues like foreign materials, broken components or other problems is if the water coming out of a faucet is ‘spitting’. This ‘condition’ is typically caused by air that enters Phoenix private water wells. This can be caused by broken or loose fittings, holes in the water lines, poorly sealed o-rings or other components.

The reason this is a concern is that when air can enter the water lines that you drink from – so can bacteria. Anytime you notice water that is not flowing smooth – contact a Phoenix well inspection company to complete a professional inspection of your water system.

Second – Any Smells Coming from Water due to Possible Bacteria

Water that comes from water wells and through a filtration system is supposed to taste delicious with little to no ‘smell’. Occasionally a smell can be noticed from the water that might be an indication of bacteria or other potentially harmful materials inside the water. Bacteria are very common in water well systems and many of the filters that we use can trap or remove the bacteria from entering our potable water supply. However, whether it’s due to the water well bacteria levels being too high or a problem with the filtration system, if you notice that something ‘just doesn’t smell right’; it’s vital to contact well technicians in Phoenix to inspect your system for any signs of damage or access bacteria build up.

Having too much bacteria inside a water supply can be very harmful to people, pets, crops and animal life that depends on this water for life sustenance. Being proactive and scheduling a water well inspection every year or every six months can reduce these potential threats from occurring.

Third – If the Water Well is Old or It’s Been a While Since the Last Inspection

Probably the easiest warning sign that a routine inspection is due is if there hasn’t been one completed in a very long time. Water well systems can last a very long time however they will eventually wear out, dry up and can be filled with harmful particles and bacteria if not properly maintained. If it’s been a year since your last water well inspection, don’t delay – contact a Phoenix water well inspection company as soon as possible to complete this important check-up.


Do you need a private well inspection for your Phoenix well? Speak with one of our service technicians at Pump It Up Pump Service, Inc. and schedule your well inspection today. Call 623-582-5069 now!

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