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New Well Pump? How to Make Your Water Well Pump Last Longer

Drilling your own well is a clever way to connect your home with a water supply while eliminating monthly municipal water bills. But you need a powerful water pump to pull groundwater to the surface for your domestic use.

Well pumps are designed to provide robust and efficient performance for a long time. In most cases, they’re seen only two times – once when they’re lowered into the water at the bottom of the well and once when they’re pulled out for replacement. But they can sometimes act up before the end of their expected lifespan, thus requiring extensive maintenance or repair service.

If you have a malfunctioning well pump, this guide can help you to troubleshoot and fix problems or to determine if you need a new well pump. It also provides top tips on making your well pump last longer.

Water Flow Problems

If your well pump is running but there’s no water coming out of your faucets or the water pressure is unusually low, your well pump is the most likely culprit.

But before you can pin the blame on your pump, check the water levels in your well.

If it is dry season, the well may go dry, causing your pump to pull air instead of water. When this happens, air usually spits from your faucets together with the water. You’ll need to bleed the air out of your water supply pipes and pressure tank.

Check out our article on how to conserve your well water and avoid dry spells.

Another reason for water flow issues with your water pump may be leaks and clogging in your water line. If some of the water being pumped out of your well is lost along the way due to leak spots, the amount of water coming out of your faucets may be greatly reduced. You can stop water loss due to leaks by sealing leak spots.

Clogging also causes a reduction in water supply at the faucets by reducing the pumping equipment’s capacity to hold water. You can fix this problem by cleaning your well pump.

Dirty Water

There are lots of different reasons why your well water may be dirty. Mineral deposits may be leaching from your water supply pipes or contaminated water may have infiltrated your well. But your pump is also a potential culprit.

If the pump is too powerful for your well, perhaps because water levels have dropped drastically, it may draw sand and sediment together with the water. Under-sizing your pump will solve the problem.

You may also get dirty water because your pump’s filter screens are no longer effective at keeping the water clean. New filter screens will restore your clean water supply.

Noisy Pump Operation

Modern well pumps are designed to operate almost noiselessly. If your pump has been running louder than it normally does, then it is obvious that something is wrong.

Pump cavitation is one of the most likely reasons your water pump may operate noisily. This often occurs when the pump is operating beyond its capacity. You’ll need to invest in a larger pump to resolve the issue.

But if the noisy operation is due to lack of lubrication or worn moving parts, you can always fix the problem and get your pump running quietly and efficiently again.

We Can Help Install Your New Well Pump or Repair the Existing One

Whether you decide to repair your current water pump or get a new well pump, it is important to perform regular inspections on the equipment.

Routine maintenance will help to keep the pump running at its best longer but could also save you lots of dollars later.

If you need help fixing your old pump or installing a new one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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