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5 Tips for Long Term Water Storage in Tanks in Phoenix

Storing water is a good idea, especially if you live in a region prone to harsh weather, such as Arizona. If an unexpected emergency occurs, you’ll be glad you prepared beforehand.

However, long-term water storage doesn’t just mean filling up some jugs and putting them in a pantry or closet. If you take this approach, you’ll risk water contamination, which could be hazardous to your health.

The first step is finding the right water storage tanks in Phoenix to keep your water in. But there are some additional things you can do to keep your water in good condition.

Let’s look at five tips for proper water storage.

1. The Right Container

It’s important you choose the right type of tank to store water in. This means getting a tank or container made of the right material.

You’ll want a plastic tank that’s made for food and beverage.

Look for tanks or containers labeled with “HDPE.” This stands for high-density polyethylene. These tanks are made for strength and can handle the high-density ratio of water.

You should never use anything that’s been used before for other food or liquid storage.

2. Sanitize

Before you add the water, it’s a good idea to clean and sanitize your tanks, even if they’re new. This may seem overcautious, but it will help cut down on the chance of contamination.

Wash your tank with hot water and soap. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a little bleach.

Make sure you rinse thoroughly after cleaning so all soap or bleach is removed.

3. Store in the Right Environment

Once you’ve filled your tank, make sure the lip is secure. This is very important as any break in the seal of the tanks can lead to contamination.

Exposure to sunlight is never a good thing with regard to water storage. Too much sunlight can potentially damage your tanks and will cause algae to form if water is in a clear container.

Instead, store your water in a cool, dark area. Keep your tanks away from products containing chemicals and off the ground if possible.

4. Rotate Your Supply

If you filled your own tanks and have stored the same water for six months, it’s time to replace the water.

This is why it’s a good idea to label all your tanks and containers. Add the date at which you filled the tank. This way, you’ll know which container to use first.

You may also want to designate certain tanks for certain purposes so you know which tank you should be drinking from.

5. Chlorine Dioxide

Having chlorine dioxide on hand is a good idea. This will kill bacteria and viruses when added to your drinking water tanks.

The great thing about chlorine dioxide is that it contains little to no aftertaste.

Using Water Storage Tanks in Phoenix the Right Way

You’ve decided to store extra water in your Phoenix home. Now, make sure you take the proper precautions by following the tips above. If you do, your water storage tanks in Phoenix will provide you and your family with a long-term water supply.

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