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How To Choose From All of the Different Water Pump Types

Don’t know a lot about water pumps?

Trying to determine which water pump types to use for your well can be fairly difficult. But have no fear, we’ve created a beginner’s guide to finding the right type of pump for your well.

Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right water pump types for your water system.

1. Two Main Water Pump Types

There are two main water pump types that each water pump falls under:

  • The Centrifugal Water Pump uses a rotating impeller to suck water into the pump and then control the pressure at which the water comes out. This pump can handle any liquid. So if you need to move a lot of water or liquids of a similar viscosity, this is the pump for you.

It does have a few downsides, though, corrosion and overheating to name a few. But the centrifugal water pumps are great options for large buildings, wells, and hot water circulation.

  • Positive Displacement Design Pumps can be thought of like the human lungs but instead of air, it’s water. When the diaphragm in the pump expands, water is drawn into a chamber. When the diaphragm contracts the water is pushed out of the chamber.

These pumps are ideal for higher viscosity liquids and smaller solid matter. They take air out of the lines to make the movement of the liquid very economical.

2. Where is Your Well?

There are an infinite amount of water pumps within these two water pump types. Now that you’ve chosen which type you need you can begin looking at more detailed questions.

For a well, the centrifugal water pump is the best option. As you can see in this comprehensive guide, however, that only slightly narrows down the options to choose between.

The well pump is ideal for exactly that: wells. But the location of your well may change that.

Depending on where your well is located and what kind of pressure you need, you may also want to look at a jet pump. These are more commonly used in residential areas.

Determine the depth of water in your well and the location and you should be able to pick between these two water pump types.

3. Test It With a Professional

Before drinking the water you are pumping, be sure to have a professional perform well water testing.

The water we put in our bodies makes a huge impact on our health and our environment, so it’s important to be sure that the well water you are pumping doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or bacteria.

Whether you are on the outskirts of town or in a residential area, well water testing will give you the peace of mind that your water pump is doing its job.

Get Pumped

Follow these steps to getting your well pumping water in no time. And if you feel uncertain or have further questions, reach out to us so we can get your water pumping healthily.


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