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9 Fall Well Maintenance Tips

On average, American households use 82 gallons of water per day.

If you are on a well system, proper well care and well safety are essential.

Without it, you run the risk of costly repairs and exposure to a harmful level of minerals, especially in the Phoenix area.

In this article, we provide our top fall well maintenance tips so you can keep your water well system running at its best this fall.

Continue reading to get started on water well maintenance. 

1. Watch for Changes

One of our top fall well maintenance tips is to monitor for any changes in your well water.

This includes taste and color.

Before drinking or using any changing well water, be sure to contact well care professionals to be sure it’s safe.

2. Maintain Well Water Level

Part of good well care is monitoring your well water levels.

This can help tell you how much water you’re using and if your supply is running low.

It can also help you adjust water treatments as needed. 

3. Test the Water Well

You should be testing your water well annually to ensure good well safety habits.

If you usually test your water in the spring, consider testing it this Fall to get a better idea of your water supply annually. 

4. Take Care of the Water Well Cover

When prepping your home for Fall and Winter, be sure to keep an eye out for your water well cover.

They can become easily damaged by landscaping, lawnmowers, and even pets. 

5. Check Pressure Tank

The pressure tank system makes your well pump’s job easier, which makes it last longer.

To avoid having to replace it sooner than necessary, have the tank tested for optimal performance. 

6. Soften the Well Water

In areas like Arizona, hard water can be a problem.

For this reason, one of our top fall well maintenance tips is to treat your well water with a water softener.

This helps avoid harmful build-up of minerals.

7. Avoid Chemical Hazards

To practice good well care and well safety, try avoiding the use of hazardous substances near your water well.

This includes fertilizers, paint, pesticides, and more.

Also, avoid allowing your pet to relieve themselves near the water supply.

8. Work with Well Water Safety Professionals

Working with well water safety professionals can help give you extra peace of mind.

Plus, it’s important to have your well serviced annually.

If your well is contaminated, it’s best to have the treatment performed by a professional.

9. Be Consistent and Keep Track

Water well maintenance is more cost-effective than repairs.

Keeping up with water well maintenance can make upkeep much more manageable.

Try to keep a good record of maintenance tasks once performed so you know when to repeat them. 

Get Started With These Fall Well Maintenance Tips

As fall approaches, it’s the perfect time to get started with these fall well-maintenance tips.

Staying on top of water well maintenance will make your life much simpler, and you can always hire a professional to help.

For more tips and recommendations on well care and well safety, visit our blog today

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