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What is the Best Submersible Well Pump to Use in Phoenix?

When it comes to pumping fresh water from below the earth’s surface to the kitchen faucet; submersible well water pumps are typically the delivery system. Often used in the majority of residential well pumps in the Phoenix area, submersible well pumps are designed today for max efficiency and longevity. However, not all pumps are built the same. In fact, when it comes to finding the best submersible well pump; two brands in particular, surpass the competition; Grundfos and Goulds.

In order to understand why these two brands are superior to other submersible water well pumps, it’s important first to understand how these systems work to continually supply water to all faucets on your property.

How does a Submersible Well Water Pump Work?

One of the biggest misconceptions about installing a water well system is that the water flowing from your faucet comes directly from the pump to the faucet. However, that’s not always true. In fact, most residential water wells are designed with a storage tank, which is filled to capacity thanks to the action of the submersible water well pump. As you turn on a faucet inside your home, built-up pressure inside the tank forces the water through the water supply lines and out of the faucet. As the water level in the tank begins to drop, a switch is activated with triggers the pump to activate.

The submersible well pump draws water by sucking water from the actual well at a much faster rate than the water is leaving the storage tank. This helps to maintain pressure inside the storage tank and ensure water efficiently flows anytime you turn on a faucet or water outlet. Once the tank has been filled to capacity, the pump is shut off. Since the pump is activated on when needed, this saves money on electricity and maintains a constant supply of ready to use potable water.

What Makes Grundfos and Goulds Submersible Water Well Pumps so Good?

Just like your home appliances, car you drive or any product you purchase, there are some brands that are simply better than others. Whether it’s due to the method in which they are constructed, the high-quality components and materials used in construction or the dependability they deliver, consumers are often attracted to brands that offer them value, quality, durability and longevity. These consumer attributes are the primary reason why submersible water well pump services in Phoenix AZ recommend these two brands above others.

Grundfos offers a large range and variety of submersible pumps for multiple applications, from residential to commercial use. They have been a leading manufacturer of stainless steel submersible pumps since 1967 and continue to evolve their standards as technology improves. In fact, Grundfos was the company that designed the first stainless steel submersible well pump. Today’s products have improved wear resistance and optimized hydraulics, which improves water pump performance and efficiency across the board.

Gould’s Water Technology is one of the many high quality brands owned and operated by Xylem; a trusted, industry leader in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of residential and commercial water solutions. Goulds Water Technology not only manufactures submersible pumps equal to or better in quality than the competition, but they also manufacture centrifugal and turbine pumps, controlling systems for both commercial and residential applications. They continue to incorporate solutions that solve problems and deliver years of optimal performance without compromising price or value.

Whether you are beginning the process of installing water well or are in need of water well repair solutions, when it comes to the best submersible well pump brands, you simply can’t go wrong with either of these two.


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